sabato 9 ottobre 2010

Hyde Park and Deckchairs.

She's a photographer as well.

Even thought the weather seemed unpredictable today, I decided to get my camera and sketchook and head to Hyde Park. Back in Italy, the gray sky meant the 'i-don't-want-to-go-out-is-such-an-ugly-day' kind of thing. In London, on the other hand, it helps seeing things from an alternative perspective. I sometimes find myself smiling for no proper reason, but I realize some people notice and smile back.. even on dull days.
But this is not my point today. As I was walking I ran into painted deckchairs. You are all probabily thinking: 'So what?'. Well, what was extremely amazing about these were their bright colors, in contrast with the sky, the water, the trees. Their strength, I would say, was the atmosphere in which they were collocated, nothing taking from the great illustrators and graphics which designed them. I am not saying the chairs wounldn't have looked good on a sunny day, but you know.. there was something mystic yet extremely romantic about the setting.

Works by Isobel and Qiu Zhighic.

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