giovedì 28 ottobre 2010


Pret-A-Manger saves my life almost every day. Today though, as I was trying to pay, the cashier had to give me a really really bad news: No More Credit. DISASTER.

After several calls to Italy, turns out my beloved credit card had been cloned and my money stolen. Everything is sorted out now, I am going to get everything back in a couple of days. But God, that was a bad news!

On the other hand: my boyfriend is getting here on saturday and staying until next tuesday. I can't wait to see him. Everything seems so right when he's around me, and he actually made my day saying he was going to stay for 3 days.



lunedì 25 ottobre 2010

All Tomorrow's Parties.

I can't remember where I took this quote from, but it was definitaly worth capturing in a picture. This could be the introduction to one of my future works. Crazy fun, desperation, damage, affection, solitude.. I have got loads of ideas.

martedì 19 ottobre 2010

Discovering The Waterfront.

One of my tasks for uni is that of having to re-design an album cover. I have picked Discovering the Waterfront by Silverstein, one of my favourite ever. My work will also be inspired by Caspar David Friedrich's paintings and by an architectural work I had the pleasure to during my visit at the Saachi Gallery; that of Richard Wilson (20:50) which I suggest you check out -or better, go and see.

This is just an outline of what I am going to follow for my project, it was done in class today using Photoshop in about 20 minutes. More, I want to refer back to Shel Silverstein's childrens books, to give the album cover a lot to talk about. I want it to be like a story, and be able to explain every single detail of it. I believe supporting ideas and decisions is essential for my purpose. I'll keep you updated!

xx Juliet.

domenica 17 ottobre 2010

My Goal.

The main thing in my mind is Central Saint Martins.
I have to get there as a Product Design student, I mean.. I HAVE TO!
I have never been ambitious, but this is just something I am obsessed with day and night and night and day. That would mean everything to me. Maybe that is also one of the reasons why I decided to set up this blog: keep a collection of daly inspirations, thoughts and anything that can help me to achieve my final goal.
As I told one of my lecturers on the fist day of uni '' If I don't get into CSM I might as well go back to Italy next year ''.
Any kind of suggestion -or support, will be greatly appreciated!
xx Juliet.

venerdì 15 ottobre 2010

We Work, You Party!

What a great thursday night.
We happened to be around Brick Lane last night, and randomly ran into an amazingly colorful window with loads of washing machines inside. Loud music. Free drinks.
Good looking girls are always allowed everywhere for free, right? (this is my materialistic side talking lol). This was for the launch of a new kind of party which has- not surprisingly, taken over the US. The concept is not bad at all and pretty fun: get your clothes washed while having a drink and dancing with your mates. Socializing is the key word.
I wish I had taken some pictures, hopefully some will be uploaded soon on the event's website.
Party hard!

martedì 12 ottobre 2010

Saachi Art Gallery.

They were also making sketches.

Day spent at the Saachi Art Gallery. So much inspiration..

''We wish we could look like them''.

Dee posing for me :)

It is was difficult to decide which installation I liked the most. Though, I have to say the most impressing was that by John Wynne in which he used 300 loudspeakers, a pianola and a vacuum cleaner to create a unique piece of art, which I would love to re-create in my future home -obviously, space permitting.

I suggest you check out his website for further information.


domenica 10 ottobre 2010


Saturday night was great. We went to Hybridlife (, an art department not far from Old Street's tube station. I couldn't help it but noticing the beauty of the place. I mean, there were no windows, but the spaces were large, though the ceiling not too high, and while everyone was going crazy about the music, I sometimes started thinking of how those three room could have been furnished. Weird, uh? This is what I mean when I say I want to live along with art, in all its forms.



sabato 9 ottobre 2010

Hyde Park and Deckchairs.

She's a photographer as well.

Even thought the weather seemed unpredictable today, I decided to get my camera and sketchook and head to Hyde Park. Back in Italy, the gray sky meant the 'i-don't-want-to-go-out-is-such-an-ugly-day' kind of thing. In London, on the other hand, it helps seeing things from an alternative perspective. I sometimes find myself smiling for no proper reason, but I realize some people notice and smile back.. even on dull days.
But this is not my point today. As I was walking I ran into painted deckchairs. You are all probabily thinking: 'So what?'. Well, what was extremely amazing about these were their bright colors, in contrast with the sky, the water, the trees. Their strength, I would say, was the atmosphere in which they were collocated, nothing taking from the great illustrators and graphics which designed them. I am not saying the chairs wounldn't have looked good on a sunny day, but you know.. there was something mystic yet extremely romantic about the setting.

Works by Isobel and Qiu Zhighic.

To read more about it, check out


Gettin' Started.

A view of Spitalfields, picture taken from my room.

It's a Friday night here in London and guess what? I am home by myself. It's kind of sad to admit, but since I got here- about a week ago- I never felt this lonely. Weird I would say.

I adore this city, it's such an amazing place to live. Being an Art and Design student, I am in love with everything this city has to offer, and I am ready for any kind new experience.
Inspiration here is everywhere. I strongly believe this to be the city I always wanted to live in ever since I first came and visit it with my parents. Finally, after 18 years in Italy, I had the chance to move here, giving my life an extreme twist. Therefore, is there a serious reson to feel sad about staying home on a Friday night? No, not really.

This is a blog about my LondonLife experience, to share with anyone who is interested in finding out what's going to happen to me. The truth is, as I have said, I am ready to accept anything new. I don't recall being this enthusiastic about something for a long time. Let's hope for the best.