martedì 19 ottobre 2010

Discovering The Waterfront.

One of my tasks for uni is that of having to re-design an album cover. I have picked Discovering the Waterfront by Silverstein, one of my favourite ever. My work will also be inspired by Caspar David Friedrich's paintings and by an architectural work I had the pleasure to during my visit at the Saachi Gallery; that of Richard Wilson (20:50) which I suggest you check out -or better, go and see.

This is just an outline of what I am going to follow for my project, it was done in class today using Photoshop in about 20 minutes. More, I want to refer back to Shel Silverstein's childrens books, to give the album cover a lot to talk about. I want it to be like a story, and be able to explain every single detail of it. I believe supporting ideas and decisions is essential for my purpose. I'll keep you updated!

xx Juliet.

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